24 Hour Namasankeerthanam Channel? Well, its true! its on the internet anytime :-)

Radhe Krishna !!! When it was mentioned in one of the radhakalyanam uthsavams that there should be a 24 hour namasankeerthanam channel with continuous bhajans similar to the spiritual channels in North India, I decided to create these video playlists. This channel is just to get a taste of nectar of the bhajans sung by all the bhagavathars of our glorious and great tradition of Sampradaya Bhajan ~ Anand Sundaresan

Radhe Radhe! 'Brindavanamum Nandakumaranum' discourse at Bhuvaneswari Temple, Bharatidasan Colony, KK Nagar, Chennai from Fri, April 25 to May 1st 2014. Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare | Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare ||

Ancient Songs are very very old, sound vibrations remains in the space in the ether long long time, they dont die or disappear. Sound is Energy isnt it and Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, so the sound energy remains in the conciousness. The Ancient sounds when we sing unites our conciousness vertically deep, thats why the namavali bhajanai, ashtapathis, vedic mantras and chants etc help in very sutle ways to resonate each layer of our conciousness.

Kaliyai Bali Kollum - Scintillating rendition by Sri Sattanatha Bhagavathar, song of Sri Sri H.H.Muralidhara Swamigal. Famously known as Mahamantra Keerthanai.

The 16 Tamil Verses composed by Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamigal for daily chanting. Rendered by Sri.Sattanadha Bhagavathar. Radhe Radhe!

Nama cha Bazaar of Pandaripuram - Welcome to the Namacha Bajaara Pandari!!! Namacha Bajaar !!!

Not just mere words can describe this mahan....Kalaimamani Sangeetha Samrat Sri Pithukuli Murugadas

Sri Purandara Dasaru Movie (1936) in Kannada - (About the Great Saint - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Purandara_Dasa)

Welcome to the Movie Channel of (Sant Dhyaneshwar, Sant Tukaram, Sant Sakhu, Sant Janabai, Bhaktha Meera, Sant Eknath, Sant Gora Kumbhar, Sant Narhari Sonar, Sant Savtamali), the Bharat Mata's greatest saints during the Bhakthi Movement in Maharashtra from the 13th to the 17th Century! Movies which depict their Bhava and Bhakti as far greater than other forms of worship. Most of them were ordinary people such as tailors, gardeners, potters, goldsmiths and shopkeepers who whilst upholding the sanctity of family life stood steadfast in love towards Lord Vittal!

Sant Tukaram Movie (1936) in Marathi with English Subtitles too!!! (1608--1650) Sant Tukaram was a prominent Varkari Sant and spiritual poet Like Namdev, Janabai, and Eknath, Tukaram wrote in archaic Marathi a large number of devotional poems identified in Marathi as abhang (अभंग). A collection of 4,500 abhang known as the Gāthā is attributed to Tukaram.

Sant Dnyaneshwar (1940) Full Movie in Marathi and with English Subtitles !!! Sant Jñāneshwar / Sant Dnyāneshwar (1275-1296) (ज्ञानेश्वर in Marathi) (also known as Jñanadeva)

Sant Tulsidas Full movie (1954) with English subtitles!

Significance of Namasankeerthana by Sri Viji Balaji Bhagavathars

Sri Cuddalore Gopi - The fire of devotion brought to ecstatic heights by Panduranga Leela channel. Experience the bhava and bhakti of devotion to Vittala, the pratyaksha-daivam who came in many human forms to lead his bhakthars to Mukthi.

Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu - Nimai of Nadia - (1959) [English Subtitles]

The Scintillating Bhajans of Sri Bhajan Ravi bhagavathar who is a great Musician rendering devotional songs. Bhajan Ravi has given Bhajan performances in various Sabhas in Chennai, T.T.D. Tirupathi, North Indian cities and also before Maha Periavaal of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam. The Title "Bhajan Ravi" was awarded to him by Sree Sree Kanchi Maha Periavaal, himself.

Sri Erode Rajamani Bhagavathar - Scintillating fervours of devotion amidst unbounded core of exuberance! The mellifluous joy of Erode Rajamani. Ram Krishna Govinda! Ram Krishna Govinda! Jai Jai Ram Krishna Govinda. Ram Krishna Govinda! Ram Krishna Govinda!!!

Kovai Bhajanotsavam 2011 - Sri Cuddalore Gopi Bhagavathar - Sri Panduranga Leela. Thanks to Sri Jaihind Murali Anna & Group for organizing such a beautiful even. god bless them. Thanks to Ram Tvs for sharing the videos.

The Divine voices of Ranjani and Madhuvanthi (Melarcode Sisters) bring Panduranga Vittal to your hearts making you doubt whether you are in Pandaripuram or Vaikuntam! But its at Palakkad Bhajanotsavam really!

Melarcode Sisters - Ranjani Madhuvanthi and Sri Vaithi Anna Bhagavathar

Sri Vittaldas Maharaj -- Class Eloquence --. Read more at the Bhakthas Speak section and share your experience too - http://www.vittaldas.com/php/bhakthasspeak.php?page=1

Sant Sakhu was a great devotee of Panduranga Vittala and Mata Rukmini. Though suffering hardships from a cruel mother- in- law and a foolish husband, She bore it and reponded with pure 'Bhakti'(devotion) towards Lord Vittala whom, for her sake, served her people and transformed them

Pandharichi Wari - Journey of lord Pandhari (Documentary)

Needless to say that you are about to enter into a blissfull, mellifluous, enthralling, soul filling, exhilarating divine bhajans of Bhagavatha Sironmani Sankeerthana Choodamani Sri Kovai Jayarama Bhagavathar and be merged into the divine LORD Sri Swami Ayyappan!

His Holiness Swami Haridas Giri...brindavaname kunjubavaname...at Guruvayur..you can listen again and again and again and never tire of listening to this divine bhajan!

Sri Kadayanallur Rajagopala Bhagavathar - The Rhythm of devotional ecstacy! Divyanamam that is delightful, enchanted, enraptured, euphoric and rapturous to ones eyes and ears!!!

Sri O S Sundar Sparkling renditions

and the Ultimate Radha Krishna ! No Comments!!

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Dedicate this service at the lotus feet of Our Guru Maharaj Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamigal and to all the divinity personified mahatmas and bhagavathars of our glorious divine bhajana sampradayam tradition. Radhe Radhe - Anand Sundaresan.

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